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Catalog # : H-1026

Multi-Gen 7XL Homogenizing Package (Kit)

Manufacturer: PRO Scientific


• Designed for homogenizing of multiple samples
• Advantages over plastic disposable probes/tips
• Open slotted tooth – soft to the toughest of samples
• Long shaft – sample volumes within 1.5ml-50ml tubes* • No risk of cross contamination & cleaning between samples
• Protective Carrying Case
• Made in the USA with a 2 Year Warranty


Description / Spec

The Multi-Gen 7XL homogenizing package is very unique equipment. Its capabilities over plastic disposable probes and standard stainless steel 7mm probes are through the reusable 7mm diameter probe design, manufactured from superior 316 stainless steel and PTFE, which allows for homogenizing of samples without cross contamination and without the need to stop. Can homogenize all types of samples with 1.5ml-50ml tubes*.

Advantages over plastic disposable probes:
First advantage, Multi-Gen 7XL probes can process more difficult samples, including tough tissues.
Second advantage, Multi-Gen 7XL probes can be sterilized by any method, including flaming and autoclaving.
Third advantage, Multi-Gen 7XL probes are more economical because of their ability to be reused an unlimited number of times not like plastic disposable probes

Made in the USA with a 2 year warranty. Kit Includes: Bio-Gen PRO200 Homogenizer Unit, Multi-Gen Adapter, 12-Pack of Multi-Gen 7XL probes, and Protective Carrying Case

* Sample piece size and quantity will effect breakdown in larger tubes. 50ml tubes should be used for liquid base samples.  

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